Ultra-tough root barrier that lasts

Our Root Growth Inhibitors are bentonite barriers that repel tree roots. They keep your path or driveway level by shielding it from thirsty roots and stabilising the surrounding soil.

  • 100% natural

    Our Root Growth Inhibitors are made from sodium bentonite and 100% natural (no nasty extra chemicals). They’re essentially the same salinity as sea water, which repels tree roots.

  • Combine with Root Barrier membrane for extra protection

    Combine our Root Growth Inhibitor and Root Barrier membrane to create an impenetrable wall against tree roots, guaranteed to protect important infrastructure.

  • Plant trees closer to paths

    When used in combination with our Root Barrier membrane, our bentonite root barrier allows you to plant trees close to paths, without worrying about future damage. Public paths will remain flat and smooth, without a crack in sight.

  • Keep public pathways safe

    By ensuring that public pathways are flat and smooth, you can prevent people from tripping or falling over.

Let us recommend a solution for you

Every project has unique requirements. With a quick call or email, we can recommend a root growth inhibitor solution for you.

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