Trees are a marvel of our little blue planet. They turn climate-warming carbon into oxygen, giving us the air we need to breathe. They provide a home for billions of animals of every shape, size and colour, as well as the food they need to survive. They prevent land erosion, promote life-giving rainfall and help to keep soil healthy.

They’re one of the most precious living things on Earth. But for a homeowner, building developer, or city council, their wandering roots and voracious thirst can cause serious problems for buildings and infrastructure. Cracks, heaved kerbs, broken pipes and other expensive issues can make it tempting to just chop nearby trees down and not even consider planting more in future.

That’s why we developed Australia’s first Root Barrier membrane—a protective shield against tree roots that helps to keep infrastructure safe and damage-free. By shielding buildings, roads and other infrastructure from tree roots, the trees can continue to produce oxygen for us, remain as homes for cherished wildlife and help to keep the local area looking beautiful. It also encourages us to plant more trees, without worrying about expensive damage.

We set out to develop a product of the highest possible quality and over the years, have created a perfectly refined manufacturing process, including continuous batch testing. If a batch isn’t up to our high standards, it is recycled. These strict standards allowed us to create a product that is incredibly strong, lightweight and can stretch to an enormous degree before breaking, making it fit for every scenario. In fact, our Root Barrier is the only product that is certified by structural engineers, deep installations and fully compliant with building codes.

As our product became popular, we set out to develop the next important element—a chemical solution that would work alongside the membrane barrier and strengthen its protection even more. After months of research, we found the ideal answer—a barrier made from base ingredients of sodium, bentonite and another key ingredient, which was a naturally-forming solution that repelled trees roots, causing them to search or seek for water elsewhere. This “chemical” achieved our main goal of keeping tree roots away from protected areas and was also non-toxic, so wouldn’t pollute the environment. We now had an ultra-strength Root Barrier solution!

This was the first part of our journey as a business. We had a product of exceptional quality that proved itself time and time again. Next, we recognised that for the product to be effective, people needed to know how to install it correctly. And there are a few different scenarios to account for, so we produced installation guides that would cover every single one of them. These guides have become a critical part of our business and have helped thousands of customers to protect their vital infrastructure from roots and preserve the trees in their local area.

By combining our high-quality Root Barrier with clear, to-the-point installation guides, we’ve become the go-to for arborists, builders, developers, structural engineers and local councils. And most importantly, we’re achieving our mission: to have more life-giving trees in our towns and cities.

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